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This is Why Don't You Drama School

For children and young people who want to spend more time performing and less time sitting in a classroom – our drama classes are for you.

We specialise in teaching theatre skills through improvisation, drama games and performing scenes and plays. Classes run after school during term time and are offered to a mixed ability and age.

For 11-13

Drama Lemurs

High energy, with lots of drama games and opportunities to get up and perform sketches. Children learn through play and develop their skills by performing in small scenes and large-scale productions. We also offer LAMDA training for children wishing to prepare for exams in acting. All our classes foster an environment of trust and teamwork.


For 13-16

Drama Llamas

This is an exciting and intensive acting class covering all aspects of stagecraft from improvisation, script and vocal work. Young people are encouraged to find their specialist skills by experimenting with a range of acting styles and techniques. With drama games they learn to team build and through performance they learn confidence, belief and pride in what they can achieve. In this class we also offer LAMDA training which prepares children to take the exam and achieve all stages of the medal process. This is a wonderful opportunity, equipping them with essential life skills and a great sense of achievement.

    Thank you so much for giving your time to empower our girls. Thank you for providing a safe place where they can discover who they are. Thank you for your hard work with them and your persistence with them. They are very lucky girls.

      My daughter has been going to Hannah's drama classes for about 3 years. She can now confidently get on stage to perform, and this has been in valuable during a time when she has been seriously lacking in confidence. I believe the drama classes have been very entertaining and given her lifelong skills in terms of the ability to stand up and speak in front of others which she wouldn't otherwise have. I would highly recommend these classes.

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